Are Electronic Cigarette Companies Targeting Children?

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 31, 2012



Electronic cigarettes were not developed with the intention of becoming a product to help people quit smoking. In fact, electronic cigarettes were only developed to be an alternative to traditional tobacco. The products have come under fire recently stating that they promote smoking in children due to the flavored e-cigarette cartridges that are offered. Electronic cigarettes companies and manufacturers state that they do not wish to promote smoking to children and that they only want to offer variety to their adult consumers.


Electronic cigarettes have been given a hard time by not only anti-smoking campaigns, but by the FDA as well. Electronic cigarettes have been banned in Canada because they are classified as a tobacco product. The FDA is currently trying to obtain the same classification for electronic cigarettes in the United States. The question comes down to whether or not e-cig brands like blu electronic cigarette are targeting children like Big Tobacco companies did with their Joe the Camel cartoon campaigns.


Honest to goodness, most e-cigarette brands are not targeting children with their flavored refill cartridge options (read: Electronic cigarette flavors are not targeted at minors). These companies only intend on offering as many flavors as possible to their adult audience. In some areas, there is not a legal age restriction to buy electronic cigarettes because they are not classified as a tobacco product. E-cigs were not designed with childrens in mind. E-cigarettes are not 100% safe, but they are a cheaper and more health conscious way to enjoy nicotine. Only time will tell what kind of restrictions will be placed on e-cigs. Voice your opinions and make a difference.


Photo source: snus-news.blogspot