Apollo E-Cig Cartridge Review

The flavor selection you get with an e-cig is a huge part of the vaping experience. Apollo e-cig offers a wide range of e-liquids (21 different options, with plenty of unique flavors like blueberry and Kona coffee or mango and peach), but only have five options for pre-filled cartomizers, Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry and Vanilla. To give you an idea of the quality of the cartridges, we've tested each of the five pre-filled options out. It’s worth mentioning that the flavor does drop out as you make your way through the cartridge, across all flavors – you can read more about that in the full review.




Tobacco flavors are arguably the most important cartridges for e-cigarette companies, because many ex-smokers like something recognizable when they start vaping. The Tobacco cartridge from Apollo e-cig is reasonably convincing, but the Turkish tobacco flavor comes off as a little musty on your first puff. Perhaps this is a plus-point for Turkish tobacco enthusiasts, but it will undoubtedly serve as a barrier to most smokers switching to e-cigs. Still, if you can overcome the initial unfamiliarity, it’s still a good cartridge.




Menthol is always a balancing act. With not enough, die-hard menthol smokers are left without the minty hit they crave, but with too much it feels like you’re vaping liquefied chewing gum. Apollo e-cig treads this fine line with a confident precision, delivering a cartridge with a cooling hit of mint that doesn't beat you into submission. For menthol smokers the balance is perfect, and even vapers not overly fond of mint will find themselves working through the cartridge.




Apollo’s Coffee cartridge doesn't break the mold, but that doesn't mean it fails to deliver. You get the definite taste of robust, full-bean coffee, but the flavor is subtle. Realistically, other brands have better coffee cartridges, but there is no real cause for complaint with Apollo’s offering – you can happily vape it all day long, enjoying the underlying coffee aroma without being overpowered.




The Vanilla cartridge is a staple of e-cig flavors, and Apollo definitely has a unique offering. You recognize the taste of vanilla instantly, but it’s overlaid with an almost fruity sweetness. This has two effects. Firstly, the initial vanilla impression is somewhat tainted, leaving you certain you got the intended flavor but unsure where it went. Secondly, you go straight back for another puff, intent on determining what made the cartridge taste so unusual. I was unable to come up with an answer, but still continued to vape the cartridge regardless. It’s vanilla, but like you've never tasted it before.




The Cherry cartridge from Apollo e-cig impresses with the very first puff. It tastes sweet and warm, evoking memories of sinking your teeth into a fresh, ruby-red cherry on a lazy afternoon. The flavor is powerful and captured with amazing precision; every puff fills your senses with the sweet aroma and you don’t want the cartridge to end. Although I only tried the five cartomizer flavors, the Cherry comes out on top.


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