Americans For Nonsmoker’s Rights Claims E-Cigarettes Are Not Useful to Quit Smoking

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted October 2, 2012

Americans For Nonsmokers RightsPublic declaration by Americans for NonSmokers’ Rights that E-Cigarettes are not useful to quit smoking, in spite of not having any scientific backing to support this accusation.


In a recent press release, the Americans for NonSmokers’ Rights (ANR), publicly proclaimed that electronic or e-cigarettes are absolutely useless and do not help anyone quit smoking, despite the fact that they did not have any scientific backing to support this theory (and there’s plenty of scientific studies to show that these e-cigarettes do work).


The press release by ANR titled ‘Electronic (e)-cigarette manufacturers shamelessly promote untested product for use in ‘smokefree’ environments; make false claims about efficacy as cessation device too’ – was a jolt to all who believed that this product could really lead to smoking cessation.


In the press statement, the ANR also accused that the e-cigarettes are being widely marketed among the public using false claims and advertisements. The online social media is being used to spread false claims about the product; huge discounts and coupons are also being used to lure the public into buying the e-cigarettes in spite of the potential health risks associated with the product. According to Cynthia Hallett, MPH, Executive Director, the e-cigarettes are being marketed by misleading the public as effective smoking cessation products but in reality, these have absolutely no effect whatsoever.


The ANR also accused the manufacturers and proponents to be the real culprits behind all the PR stunts like releasing daily press reports about the benefits and goodness of e-cigarettes in spite of not having any real scientific backing to this claim. The press statement mentioned that are no peer-reviewed independent scientific studies which prove the safety or benefits of the electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool.


Though the ANR states that there is no real scientific evidence, the truth is that the organization is not able to cite any study which has proved the inefficacy of this product. Meanwhile, there are also hundreds of users who have tried the e-cigarettes which has led them to either quit smoking altogether or drastically reduce their dependency on cigarettes. Read full article »


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