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Altsmoke Coupon Code

Altsmoke Coupon Code (10% Off)


Get 10% off your first purchase (create an account at Altsmoke to take advantage of this offer). Free shipping on orders of $85 or more.
Altsmoke Discount Code and Promo

Altsmoke Coupon Code (10% Off)

Coupon Code: FACE10LIKE

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About AltSmoke


AltSmoke is an Ohio-based distributor, started in 2010 and operating both online and in brick-and-mortar stores in Ohio and Kentucky, with plans to open one in New York in the near future. As well as offering products from companies such as Innokin, Sigelei and Joyetech, they have their own line of e-liquids (AltLiquid) and also supply batteries and accessories. They offer free shipping (within the US) on orders over $85, have a 14 day money back guarantee (on anything other than cartridges, liquids, drip tips and atomizers) and offer a six-month warranty on some devices.


AltSmoke offers a strong selection of beginner-level, intermediate and advanced starter kits. Beginner kits include the eGo-C kit, which comes with two 650 mAh batteries, five atomizer heads, five tank cartridges, two atomizer bases, two atomizer cones, USB charger and wall adapter for $64.99, and other kits including the eGo Dual Coil, iTaste V3.0 and cig-a-like Volt brand.


For intermediate users, there is the Joyetech eGo Starter Kit (including the same contents as the eGo-C kit without the spare atomizer heads, for $54.95), the Innokin MVP kit (2600 mAh battery, charger, beauty ring and two clearomizers for $49.95), and other options from Innokin and Sigelei such as the SVD and the Zmax V5. For advanced users, there is the eVic (which comes in a kit with 2600 mAh battery, USB cable, wall adapter and the eVic, for $104.95), the Silver Bullet, the BB (both $84.99), the Innokin 134 ($149.95) and VTR ($108). There are also some mechanical mods, including the Omega V1.1 ($99.95) and the K100 ($29.95).


For e-liquids, there are options from NicQuid, Five Pawns, eVo, Space Jam, Perfected Vapes, Jackson Vapor, the Standard and the self-produced AltLiquid. The AltLiquid range comes in PG-based liquid and 15 ml bottles cost $6.95. Five nicotine levels are available (between 0 and 24 mg/ml), and the flavors include Tobacco Menthol, Pina Colada, 555, Cappucino and Virginia Tobacco. You can also pick up atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, RBAs (as well as rebuilding supplies), tanks, batteries and chargers from the store if you need to stock up on your vaping supplies.


AltSmoke is a well-stocked distributor with a wide range of batteries, cartomizers, atomizers, tanks and e-liquids to suit most vapers, and even has a basic range of e-liquids of their own on offer. You may encounter stock issues at some times, but there’s plenty here to keep vapers happy.


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