Adagio by Black Note Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted February 20, 2015

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Havana tobacco is world famous, and Adagio by Black Note aims to bring the authentic flavor to the world of e-liquid. Made by naturally extracting the flavor from tobacco leaves, Black Note’s e-liquids aim to create a level of accuracy in flavor unrivalled in the industry. The approach sounds intriguing (you can read more about it in our full Black Note review), but does it translate to a true Cuban flavor in Adagio that vapers will keep coming back to?




Adagio is described as “uniquely sweet” and “mildly spicy,” complemented by “rich, smoky undertones” characteristic of Havana tobacco. The smokiness is the first thing you pick up when vaping this e-liquid, and it remains present in the nose throughout your puff. This gives the whole e-liquid a unique character, which is only bolstered by the hints of sweetness that come through as you continue your draw. The spiciness is present, but seems to take the role of an undertone alongside the smokiness, being detectable throughout but serving as more as a backdrop to the core flavor than a dominant component like the tobacco aroma and the sweetness.


Overall Rating: 4/5


Black Note’s Adagio is potentially the most widely-appealing tobacco flavor from the line up, because the tobacco itself has a fairly mild flavor, and the sweetness of the e-liquid – while obviously more subtle than in dessert-style vapes – is very notable. The smokiness really adds to the authenticity, but the whole thing retains a soft, smooth quality that makes it easy to vape without challenging the tastebuds too much with the complexity of full-bodied tobaccos. If you’re a tobacco connoisseur looking for the most unique vaping experience, some of the other options in the line-up may be preferable, but for just-switching smokers or vapers looking for something different, this could easily be a favorite.


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