A Study at King’s College Suggest Brain Damage Due to Smoking

By Dave S. Posted January 1, 2013

The experts at the London King’s College have conducted a study on the risk factors predisposing to brain damage. In the study, about 8,800 participants aged over 50 years were enrolled and it was found that they suffered from hypertension, obesity and brain damage to a lower degree. They concluded that, there is a need for awareness about lifestyle changes that could cause brain damage along with psychological problems.


They had put forth their work in the journal Age and Ageing. They were trying to find associations between stroke or heart attack and the brain condition. For this study, participants above 50 years of age were put forth to brain tests for a period of eight years.


They concluded that, they found a positive association between stroke or heart attack and Cognitive degeneration. They also found a positive association between cigarette smoking and cognitive degeneration of lower degree.


One of the study expert expressed that, as age increases, the cognitive function begins to decline. Also he added that there are several modifiable risk factors predisposing to cognitive degeneration for which lifestyle changes can be a preventive therapy.


Another researcher expressed his findings to link the degenerative cognitive loss to smoking. He concluded that smoking and hypertension play a major role in accelerating the degeneration of cognitive function and thus leading to dementia. Thus digging out all the possible risk factors predisposing to dementia can aid in preventing the occurrence of this condition. In short, the results point out the fact that, one should maintain a proper health, especially a healthy heart from the mid-thirties onwards to lead a hale and healthy life.


The experts at the Society of Alzheimer pointed out the fact that, cigarette smoking, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and a body mass index above 22.5 can cause severe damage to the heart. This will in turn affect our brain.


Statistics reveal that people aged over 65 years present with dementia. However, this age threshold can be delayed. By following healthy habits like proper diet and exercise, refraining from smoking and frequent body check-ups, one can lead a healthy life.


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