A Guide to E-Cigarette Accessories

By Ashley Posted January 6, 2013

E-cigarettes aren’t all about the basic battery and cartomizer combination; virtually all manufacturers offer a whole host of additional accessories to improve your vaping experience. When you’re shopping around for a starter kit, these little extras can help you make your final decision and get the most for your money. This guide covers essentials like chargers and alternative batteries, as well as more supplementary options such as carry cases and lanyards.




V2 Cigs ChargersThe charger is an essential piece of kit for anybody who uses e-cigarettes, and they will always be included in some form in starter kits. The majority offer a USB charger, as well as an adapter for mains power. You can also buy car adapters, which attach to the cigarette lighter port in your car and make charging on the go much easier. Some manufacturers also offer portable charging cases, so you charge your e-cig without being near any other power source. All you have to do is charge the case infrequently, so these are the best options for anybody who’ll be away from a computer for extended periods of time.




Green Smoke BatteryThe battery is one of the key components of the e-cigarette, but they aren’t all the same. Longer batteries are often provided which maintain a charge for more puffs, and your starter kit should at least have two batteries available. You can also get manual ones which are activated when you press a button on the side, as opposed to the more common automatic variety which activates as you inhale. The manual approach grants you additional control over the level of vapor produced, so some experienced e-cig users prefer them. Some companies have plug-in battery attachments which you can use while your main ones are charging, so you never have to go without a vape. If you’re looking for something more eye-catching, many manufacturers also have a range of more colorful batteries, with marble-like or camouflage patterns even available in some cases.


Carry Cases


Green Smoke Leather Carrying CasesAnother accessory which is extremely useful when you’re away from home is the carrying case. Without a carrying case, you have to keep spare cartridges in your pocket and will likely have a spare battery jangling around in there too. Carry cases give you a secure and compact way of keeping your cartridges and spare batteries with you. Most charging cases double as general carry cases, but stand-alone ones generally provide more storage space.

V2 Cigs LanyardLanyards are a perfect accessory if you don’t need to use the e-cig enough to warrant a carrying case or if you’re trying to cut down. It sits comfortably around your neck like a necklace, with a single e-cig attached to the end. Although you could keep a loose e-cig in your pocket, it’s not ideal because the battery could short out if you mix it with other electronics. Lanyards usually have threads so you can screw the cartridge and battery ends to it to keep everything secure; just unscrew it and you’re ready to go.


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