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777 eCigs Coupons

777 eCigs Coupon (Save 15%)

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About 777 eCigs


777 eCigs are based out of Burbank, California, and are another relatively new entrant into the e-cig market. It’s all about choice and customer satisfaction with 777, and they’re one of the only brands to offer a dedicated starter kit for women. With a total of 16 flavor options, e-liquid, a choice between manual and automatic batteries and even completely unique offerings like the e-Hookah, there is plenty to get excited about.


The e-cigs are two-piece in construction, and you have a choice of three different battery lengths. There are plenty of colors available too, with camouflage options, rhinestones or Swarovski crystals for the Ladies Signature Series, and solid colors in both the standard and women’s kits. The Ladies signature batteries are slimmer than the standard options, making a daintier and more feminine e-cig.


They also put considerable effort into their flavor selection, testing over 400 flavors in total to arrive at their sixteen choices. As a result, the cartridges make for delicious vaping on the whole, including flavors like Italian Crème, Strawberry and Pina Colada in addition to the expected tobacco and menthol options. The e-liquid is available in additional flavors like Chocolate Banana. Nicotine levels range from 0mg to 18mg.


The Standard Starter Kit ($59.95 for both ordinary and Ladies Signature) comes with two batteries, ten cartridges and USB charger with wall and car adapters. The Essentials Kit is similar, but only comes with one battery for $10 cheaper. For more information, read the latest 777 eCigs reviews.


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