777 E Cigs Cartridges Review


There are a massive 16 flavor options through the 777 eCigs cartridges, and you can also have two additional flavors if you buy blank cartridges and e-liquid. With so many different tastes to vape, sifting through the options and deciding which flavors to try out isn't always easy. You also only get the choice of two different cartridge flavors with the Standard Starter Kit, so whittling the options down is a good idea before you make your purchase – otherwise you could end up with five cartridges you don’t even enjoy. Here’s an overview of the different flavors on offer through 777 eCigs.




Gold 7


The Gold 7 blend of tobacco is a pretty decent attempt at capturing the essence of the flavor. It’s got a strong vein of accuracy, but it’s overlaid with a sweeter edge, making the cartridge very enjoyable to vape. It might not fool you into thinking you’re smoking real tobacco, but it’s a valiant attempt.


777 Blend


The second of the four tobacco options offered by 777 eCigs is their namesake blend, and its flavor is pretty subtle. This isn't as close to the real taste of tobacco as the Gold 7, but it still makes a decent vape. The taste isn't excellent, but its gentle nature saves it from being unpleasant.




The Traditional blend is a contender (alongside Gold 7) for the best replication of the tobacco flavor from the 777 eCigs range. The taste is pretty accurate, with a sort of musty edge reminiscent of Camels. Again, the taste isn't overpowering, so you can puff on it all day without needing to switch to something lighter.




Classic is the final blend of tobacco, and it tastes like an attempt at Turkish-flavored tobacco. It is a pretty robust flavor, but too much so for me to vape it at length. It blows Vapor Couture’s attempt at Turkish tobacco out of the water, but is still the worst of the 777 tobacco options for me.


Italian Crème


The Italian Crème is one of the more exotic flavors offered by 777 eCigs, and the creamy, milky taste combines with hints of coffee for an excellent vape. It’s smooth, cream-infused and slightly sweet in flavor.




The Chocolate cartridge offered by 777 has a bit of the characteristic flavor of chocolate, but it’s a little too feint to fully appreciate. Other manufacturers (particularly Green Smoke) have a stronger edge to their chocolate flavor, and this one would definitely be better if they’d ramped up the chocolate aspect a little.




The Watermelon cartridge is an accurate representation of the taste of the fruit. It’s pretty strong, more so than if you actually bite into a fresh watermelon – you’re completely immersed in the mouth-watering and characteristic taste.




The Strawberry is the stand-out 777 cartridge for me. It’s a perfect replication, and with every puff you feel like you’re taking a bite into a plump, crimson strawberry. The flavor is strong, but the essence of the fruit is captured so well it’s a very enjoyable cartridge.




Another of 777’s fruity flavors is Apple, and the taste is captured with sniper-like precision. It literally tastes like you’re inhaling pure apple juice, a condensed version of the pure flavor. You won’t be disappointed by this one.




Coffee is a standard e-cig flavor, and 777’s version falls into the middle of the pack in terms of quality. You’ll recognize the taste instantly, but it doesn't really stand out as a particularly impressive attempt. This is another one which could have done with a little more punch.




Caramel sounds like an exotic and luxurious flavor, but unfortunately the execution is pretty poor. There may be a hint of caramel there, but it is so hard to detect the cartridge is left pretty bland and uninteresting.




This is a pretty common flavor in e-cigs for good reason; the natural taste of the plant lends itself well to vapor. The 777 cartridge is delicious, producing the soft, sweet flavor excellently without overstating it. It’s perfectly balanced and very enjoyable.




Menthol is one of the most important e-cig flavors because it’s enjoyed by so many tobacco smokers. The minty edge comes through with the 777 cartridge and it makes a nice vape, but there is a synthetic, chemical-like flavor that dilutes the menthol a little too much.




The Peppermint cartridge is very close in flavor to the menthol, but it has the additional hint of sweetness you’d expect. The synthetic taste is still a bit of an issue, but not as much as on the menthol cartridge, making this the better option for ex-menthol smokers.


Very Berry


This is one of the best options in the entire range for those with a sweet tooth. It’s almost syrupy, but the fruity element of the berries comes through strongly. It’s sugary yet light, like a fresh dessert at a high-class restaurant.


Pina Colada


Pina Colada is a very unique flavor for an e-cigarette, and 777 have hit something of a home run with their version. The taste of the classic cocktail emanates from the e-cig, with undertones of rum mixed with the sweetness of the coconut and pineapple for a fantastic vape.


Chocolate Banana


This is a legendary flavor combination, and 777 has done a virtually flawless job in replicating the taste. Although you have to buy e-liquid and blank cartridges to test it out, it’s more than worth trying. It’s more banana than chocolate, but this is a definite contender for the best flavor they offer.


Juicy Peach


The final fruity flavor is only available as e-liquid, but it’s another one that’s definitely worth the additional effort. The Juicy Peach comes through strong, taking over your taste buds with a delicious, saccharine and syrupy vapor.


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