7 Bizarre Quit Smoking Tips

By Lindsay Fox Posted December 27, 2012

The world’s a funny place to live in, and we all are a little weird. So, if you have tried and failed at the normal route to quit smoking, here are some pretty bizarre ways to help you kick away the habit. Warning, some of these tips might repel you bad enough to pick up a stick again in life.


  1. Eat Those Butts: You've finally given in after a lengthy conversation with yourself? Good, now go ahead and eat the leftover cigarette butt. Can’t do it? Convince yourself to, just like you convinced yourself for the stick. Every time you slip, reprimand yourself not with a guilt trip but actual consequences.
  2. Bury Your Cigarette: Bury all the packs that you have in the backyard, and place a signboard stating ‘It could be you instead of the cigarette lying buried underneath’. For added effect, stick a picture of a dead body on the board too.
  3. Make a Public Announcement: If celebrities can do this, why not you? Create a Facebook page ‘If I get 1000 likes I’ll quit smoking’. Get your 15 minutes of fame too, and honestly this is so much more meaningful than pages that will feed poor and hungry kids in Somalia with one like!
  4. Surround Yourself with Ugly Smoking Disease Pictures: Replace all the smiling pictures of yourself with fear-inducing pictures of lung, throat, esophagus, kidney and other organ cancer caused by smoking. You can up the motivation quotient a notch higher by getting to remove or replace a disease picture with one of your old ones, every time you win against a craving.
  5. Make a Pact: Try to quit with another smoker buddy. Make a pact, and each time one of you give in, you will have to pay the other a fine of $500 (the heftier the fine, the less are your chances of slipping). However keep in mind that you need to assess where each one of you stand on the journey to come clean, you can't just go from 4 packs a day to 0. Keep achievable goals, start with reducing the number of sticks and then proceed to complete renunciation.
  6. Hypnotize Yourself: This one’s better done with the help of a psychologist or practitioner. Self-hypnosis does take time but once you master this, you can hypnotize yourself out of the habit. There have been instances where the hypnotized person did not once go back to cigarettes.
  7. Get Yourself Banned: Go to every store within a 10 km radius and put up posters with your picture and a warning sign “Don’t serve this person’. Or you can also get yourself caught stealing at all the stores; you’d be banned, preferably for life.


It isn't easy to quit smoking, unless you do have nerves of steel. Instead of completely abstaining, why not switch to smarter options? Electronic cigarettes come in various flavors and you can smoke on e cigarettes like normal ones. These do not contain any tobacco and some come sans any nicotine as well.


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