5 things you can do with e-cigarettes that you can’t with cigarettes

By Dave S. Posted March 7, 2013

One of the best things about switching to e-cigarettes is that you can do a whole host of things you never could when you smoked cigarettes. The health benefits are immediately obvious; you whittle the number of chemicals you consume down from the over 5,000 in cigarette smoke to a handful: propylene glycol, water, FDA-approved food flavorings and nicotine. Along with saying goodbye to harmful chemicals, you also enjoy a massive increase on freedom in your day to day life. Smokers are being increasingly restricted, but if you switch to vaping you can do things like…


Taste Your Food


Tobacco smoke damages your taste buds and your sense of smell, so you never get the full flavor of the food you eat as a smoker. Changing to e-cigarettes rectifies this issue, and after your body has cleared itself of the onslaught of chemicals you’ll notice a change in your sense of taste. As your taste buds regain their usual structure and your sense of smell regenerates, you’ll notice subtle, underlying tastes and dishes which seemed bland before will spark to life when you try a fork-full.


Switch Your Flavors




There are flavored tobaccos, mentholated filters and various other small changes that can be made to flavor cigarettes, but nothing compared to with e-cigarettes. In essence, they are odorless and tasteless, which means that the manufacturers are free to add any flavor with ease. You can have chocolate, vanilla, mango, coffee, strawberry, peppermint and a whole world of tastes that would never really come through no matter how you flavored a cigarette. With e-cigarettes, you simply screw a different cartridge onto the battery to completely change the taste.


Use it Around Others Without Guilt


If you smoke a cigarette around a non-smoker, you might feel guilty about exposing them to a veritable army of chemicals and thereby increasing their risk of developing cancer. Since e-cigarettes don’t contain these carcinogenic chemicals, you don’t put those around you at risk when you use one. Trace amounts of nitrosamines – a class of carcinogens found in tobacco – have been found in some e-cigs, but in 1,400 times smaller quantities than you’d find in tobacco cigarettes. Research has also supported the logical assumption that e-cigs aren’t harmful to bystanders, and since they don’t create a side-stream of smoke, much less is released into the air.


Stop Using it Whenever You Like


Cigarettes are one-use only. If you light up a cigarette, you’ll undoubtedly finish the entire thing rather than stub it out and save half for later. It’s on fire, and you have to inhale it before it burns away unused. Since you don’t light e-cigarettes, there is no reason to have any more than you need. Each cartridge is roughly equivalent to 20 tobacco cigarette, so most vapers can use the same one for an entire day. The result is that there is nothing to “finish,” so you can get the nicotine you need from an e-cig and then leave it until you want some more. This helps many smokers reduce the amount of nicotine they consume when they make the switch to e-cigarettes.


Use it in Bars


Smoking is a natural companion to drinking, but local laws banning smoking in restaurants, workplaces and bars are sweeping across America. E-cigarettes aren’t subject to these rules for a simple reason: they don’t create smoke. The nicotine solution is heated to produce a vapor, so there is no combustion and no smoke, just vapor. It is ultimately down to the specific establishment (apart from in the case of states like New Jersey), but in most bars you can enjoy e-cigarettes freely. So no more standing out in the rain to enjoy your nicotine!


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