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Vapor4Life Coupon 30% Off

Vapor4Life Coupon (Save 30%)

Coupon Code: ECR30KITS

Save 30% on all beginner V4L starter kits (Vapor Titan and Vapor King kits).
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Vapor4Life Coupon (Save 20%)

Coupon Code: VAPOR20

Get 20% off storewide (can be applied to all electronic cigarette kits, accessories, and e-liquids).
Vapor4Life Coupon Code Free Shipping

Vapor4Life Coupon (Free Shipping)


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About Vapor4Life


Vapor4Life is a family-run business based out of Northbrook, Illinois; the brainchild of “Smiling” Steve Milin. Steve was a chain-smoker throughout his life, but came around to vaping in 2008 after the traditional methods of nicotine replacement failed him. After searching for a high-quality e-cig, he was driven to create his own brand that delivered the performance he was looking for. The Original Vapor King was born, and since then he’s continued innovating, releasing the Classic VK and Vapor Titan model batteries and continually expanding their flavor selection.


From the Original and Classic Vapor Kings through to the newer Titan model, there are plenty of options available to beginners, as well as Dial-A-Volt and more advanced mods like the V4L Handle for more hardcore vapers. One of the best things about the brand is the monumental selection of flavors and the wide range of nicotine levels available, as well as the diverse options for battery design and style. There’s something for everybody at Vapor4Life.


As things stand, Vapor 4 Life offer a huge 90 flavor options (more than what other top brands such as V2 Cigs and Green Smoke offer) sending them right to the forefront of the industry in that respect. There are also seven nicotine levels, ranging from 0mg to 36mg, offering unparalleled choice. The Dial-A-Volt and mod batteries are there for more experienced users looking for better performance, and the accessible “Beginner” starter kits are perfect for anybody new to vaping.


The flavors aren’t just there for the sake of quantity, either, with ample cartridges like the CinnaBlaze and Mocha which are very pleasant to vape. You can also buy e-liquids, which is great if you’re looking to save even more money.


The Original Vapor King Starter Kit comes with two batteries (in automatic or manual style), USB e-cig, USB charger, wall charger and five cartridges, and costs $65. In the Standard Vapor Titan Kit ($75.00) you get two automatic “Soft Touch” batteries, wall charger, ten cartridges and a carry case. There are also more affordable starter kits for $29.95, which only come with one battery, wall charger, carry case and five cartridges.


You also can stop by and see them in person at the Smokeless Lounge if you’re near Northbrook. Read our Vapor4Life reviews and find out what customers are saying about V4L electronic cigarettes.


How To Use Your V4L Coupon Code


1. Visit

2. Select a starter kit (Vapor Titan, Vapor King, Vapor Zeus, or Dial-A-Volt kit).

3. Select your battery type (Manual or Automatic).

4. Select your battery size (Regular or Short).

5. Choose a color for your battery.

6. Choose your favorite flavors and preferred nicotine strength.

7. Select any other accessories that are included with your kit (accessories vary per kit).

8. Click “Add to Cart”, and enter your Vapor4Life coupon code when you are redirected to the Shopping Cart page.