Vapor Couture Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted August 21, 2012

Vapor Couture is the female-friendly imprint of V2 Cigs, and whilst the vapor production is in line with what you’d expect from the main brand, almost everything else is a disappointment. The style may appeal, but the substance is lacking.

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  • Stylish e-cig with fashionable accessories
  • Great vapor production – rivaling V2 itself
  • First e-cigarette brand for women
  • Charges quickly
  • Warranty good for five battery replacements


  • Poor battery-life
  • Limited range of flavors
  • “Matching” battery & cartridge is questionable

Bottom Line

The female-centric imprint of V2 packs the same vapor production, but the similarities basically end there. The limited flavor selection is disappointing, the “fashionable” style is ripped straight from a Louis Vuitton handbag and the battery life is inadequate. Vapor and some faux-trendiness; nothing compared to V2 Cigs.

Vapor Couture: Our Expert Review

Disclaimer: You must be of Legal Smoking Age to buy and/or use Vapor Couture products.


V2 Cigs’ subsidiary brand Vapor Couture is an e-cig manufacturer with a difference – it’s designed exclusively for women. Cynics may argue that the creation of a dedicated women’s e-cig brand is redundant, as V2 Cigs’ products are hardly male-oriented – being uniform in color and boasting plenty of fruity flavors. However, it’s impossible to deny that Vapor Couture has brought fashion into the mix, taking the e-cigarette from a basic nicotine delivery system to a stylish accessory.


One of the main things that will endear Vapor Couture to female smokers and vapers is the illustrious partner. V2 Cigs – arguably the leading beginner-level e-cig on the market – Vantage Vapor and Vapor Couture are all manufactured by VMR Products. The company was founded in 2009 and aims to offer unparalleled quality, as well as continually innovating and propelling the industry into the future. For Vapor Couture, the “hook” is clear: slim, feminine and fashionable e-cigs with consistently reliable quality. Whether this is enough of a draw remains to be seen, however.


The Deluxe Starter Kit comes with two automatic batteries, two five-packs of flavor cartridges, USB charger, wall adapter, clutch bag and charm bracelet. For a more affordable introduction, the Entrée Kit ($39.95) comes with one rechargeable battery, one disposable, USB charger and six flavor cartridges. Is it all superficial nonsense, or has Vapor Couture managed to blend fashion and e-cigs into something bigger than the sum of its parts?


Packaging and Design


The Vapor Couture Deluxe Starter Kit is mainly contained within a sturdy box complete with magnetic closing clasp. It’s enveloped within a white cardboard sleeve, which bears the gold Louis Vuitton-esque logo and the accompanying pattern. Underneath this, the purple box contains two slim-line e-cig batteries and two boxes of flavor cartridges. The USB charger, wall adapter and accessories come loose, the former two crammed into a branded box. The Starter Kit creates the stylish feel right from the start, although you may be left wondering how they haven’t been sued by Louis Vuitton for the blatantly copied design.


Vapor Couture E-Cig Starter Kit Review


The e-cigarettes themselves are slim-line, two-piece models with a light-up crystal design for the tip. With style a paramount concern, the batteries are available in White Signature (the “signature” being the Louis Vuitton-style logo pattern), Deep Purple, Brushed Platinum and Rose Gold. The cartridges are also available in these colors, meaning you can match up your battery to your cartridges or create combinations of different styles as you choose. Although this sounds elegant and stylish, in practice it doesn’t always work out. The White Signature cartridges actually have a grey, faded background which contrasts fairly sharply with the crisp white battery. The pattern also looks like it’s been partially rubbed off, so you’re left feeling like you have a premium e-cig battery with a knock-off, market stall cartridge. The term “matching” could only be used fairly loosely. The slim-line design is undeniably feminine, but the solid color cartridges are much better in terms of appearance than the White Signature.


Nicotine Levels


Although V2 Cigs now offer five nicotine levels, you’re limited to four when it comes to Vapor Couture, Zero, Light (6mg), Medium (12mg) and Full (18mg). A 24mg option would have been useful for heavier smokers (since it’s been added to V2, this omission is even more striking), but it isn’t likely to cause much of an issue for the majority of users. For smokers who consume more than 20 a day, however, a stronger option would have been ideal – especially in the initial transitional month.


Flavors and Vapor


The vapor production is without a doubt the best element of the Vapor Couture e-cig. It’s made by the same people as V2, and the density and volume of vapor is equivalent to the more established brand. With a couple of priming puffs, you can expect levels of vapor easily comparable to a tobacco cigarette, so it’s extremely unlikely you won’t be impressed. You get a good throat-hit too, so from the vapor point of view it mimics the feeling of smoking very well. Even without the introductory puffs to heat the liquid, you get more than enough vapor to satisfy you. This is all the more impressive given the slim-line batteries, but the additional length means that they still pack a punch.


The flavor profile is unfortunately much worse. Originally there were only four flavors available through Vapor Couture (and the thinner threading means that cross-compatibility is not possible), but two more have since been added. Although the new flavors improve the situation marginally, there still isn’t very much variety considering the fact that two of them are tobacco flavors. The Rodeo Diva is an American tobacco and it’s somewhat comparable to the V2 Red cartridge. The Bomb Shell, Turkish-style blend has a strong flavor, which may be good for dedicated Turkish tobacco lovers, but I found it too unpleasant to even vape for the equivalent of a single cigarette. I would put this down to personal taste, but ordinarily I can vape Turkish tobacco flavors for much longer than this, despite not being a fan on the whole. The stand-out flavor for me was Fresh Mint – a menthol flavor that isn’t overpowering to vape. The Passion Fruit was promising but not robust enough in taste to really hit the spot.


The two new flavors are Strawberry Champagne (which sounds like an excellent and unique offering) and Arctic Mint. We didn’t get these to test, but based on the relatively poor selection that was available previously it’s likely these are more up to V2’s standards. However, unlike with V2, e-liquids aren’t available for the Vapor Couture flavors. Accordingly, you can’t buy clearomizers like you can with V2, leaving the brand feeling a little orphaned and poorly-catered to in comparison.




The slim-line design of the battery is its undoing, because it means you’ll need to charge it more often than you might like. It lasts between three and seven hours depending on the level of use, according to the manual, but in practice it runs out after around four hours of moderate to heavy use. If you’re going out to work, I’d advise taking a spare battery along with you. Charging is relatively quick, but the pen-drive style charger (which would have been better with a wire, like on the V2 charger) seems almost hastily-constructed, without as much as a hole for the LED light. Instead, the charger glows red as the internal light tries to break through the opaque plastic, switching to blue when the battery is refilled. It works as expected, though, screw in the battery and plug into a USB port until it’s done.


The flaws in this area hit right to the heart of the issue with Vapor Couture. The battery is slim to make it feminine and appealing to the intended market, but this is at the expense of one of the core features of an electronic cigarette. I like the dainty battery, but the reason I’m using it isn’t because I’m looking for a new fashion accessory, it’s because I want something to fulfill my nicotine cravings consistently and (preferably) enjoyably. There didn’t have to be a trade-off between style and substance, but here there certainly is.


Manufacturing and Warranty


You’d expect nothing less from the manufacturers of V2 Cigs, but you can’t knock the build quality of the e-cig. Everything is designed by US engineers, and the quality control at the assembly plants is rigorous. In addition, all of the liquids are submitted to chemical tests to ensure consistent nicotine content and minimize any impurities. You can get the specific batch report for your cartridges for free using an online form and the batch number you’ll find on the packet. I may have my gripes about the product as a whole, but this is an excellent trust-builder in terms of nicotine and chemical content, and there were no issues whatsoever with the manufacturing through my testing.


The warranty is exactly the same as the one offered through V2, a lifetime offer good for a maximum of five replacements for batteries or other electrical components. You aren’t covered for cartridges and it doesn’t apply if you’ve altered or misused your e-cig, but overall it’s a robust warranty. The limit on replacements is a little irritating, but it’s an understandable restriction to avoid abuse of the system. Plus, the chance you’ll receive five defective products is slim to non-existent given the rigorous quality checks.


Vapor Couture Review, 3.4 out of 5 based on 11 ratings

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The main thing Vapor Couture markets itself on is the fashion element, but in reality it’s woefully executed. The slim e-cig is cool, but the designs are either plain colors or make you feel like you’re infringing on someone’s copyright. With a disappointing battery-life, limited flavor options and an almost cringe-worthy crystal tip, the only saving grace is the vapor production. In short, unless being able to accessorize in one of the most redundant ways possible is absolutely vital to you, you’ll find something much better elsewhere (plenty of other e-cigs look cool and some have unique battery skins too). You’d even be better off with another e-cig from the same manufacturer, strangely.

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Packaging & Design

User Reviews

  1. no image

    Look cool but you'll get BURNED on the purchase!!!

    I purchased one of the disposables at a store and it didn’t work. Where I purchased sells a high volume of tobacco products and unless a receipt is requested you won’t get one. I tried to contact the website about my defective product and was told that nothing could be done. I was on a live chat and I asked if there was someone else I could contact about a defective product and I was told there wasn’t and they just ended the chat. Nice company. I would advise anyone never to purchase these EVER!!!

  2. no image



  3. no image

    Just Absolutely Rediculous!

    I am extremely unhappy with this company. I ordered the $99 kit and a myriad collection of 5 sets of cartridges. Yes I was excited and should have just kept it at the kit which came with one set of cartridges but I was sure I would love the ecig and stocked up!

    What a mistake. I am on my 4th replacement battery (one did not work out of the box) and each time I am sent one.. it comes just thrown in the package. Why would it not have it’s own package? Is this how they come when you order and pay for a replacement battery on their site?

    I am convinced they just resend out other returned dud batteries.
    I was sent a free one time use ecig in one of my various “replacement” battery packages and the “FREE” one time use ecig, right out of the package DID NOT EVEN WORK.

    On one of my various phone calls with this company they tried to convince me it must be my wall charger but I assured them it was not as one of my batteries was still charging.. they sent me one anyway. Nice right? an extra wall charger would be convenient.. BUT they sent a European wall charger!

    I guess I am lucky I have one battery that still charges as I have 4 packages of cartridges to use up.

    This company is just ridiculous. Good Lord just save your money.

  4. no image

    Don't believe the hype!

    Please don’t believe all the hype regarding Vapor Couture e cigarettes. Vapor Couture knowingly sells defective products to consumers. Yes, the batteries are pretty and elegant to look at. They just don’t work. Neither do the chargers. They’re defective right out of the packaging. The flavor carts are pleasant when they’re not dried out. The cartridges burn up quickly. The batteries get too hot and burn the lips. Vapor Couture also deletes all of the negative reviews from their website, while selectively displaying top positive reviews. That’s deliberately deceptive to their consumers. Their products are sub par and overpriced. I’m sorry I wasted so much money on merchandise that is useless. The parent company, VMR should really do better than this regarding the quality of their product brands (V2, Vapor Couture, and Vantage Vapor). Maybe I’ll switch to V2 (VC’s counterpart) or just try another company altogether, like V4L Vapor4Life.

  5. no image

    Have 6 Batteries, None Work!

    First let me say, I am a nonsmoker who likes the taste of these when I am
    having a cocktail. So they have not been overused. I charge them and they last for maybe
    1 puff. I had 4 that did not work, ordered 2 more thinking it was maybe me doing something wrong. The 2 that I recently ordered worked for about a week. Now nothing.
    Too bad, they look real chic, tastes good, just wished they would work!

  6. no image
    jodi parker

    Not worth the hassle!

    NOT WORTH THE MONEY OR THE WAIT! I actually switched from V2 to Vapor Couture thinking I would enjoy a slimmer lighter cig. What a waste of time and money. Nothing works! Batteries, portable charger, and a wall charger all delivered defective. Customer Service was helpful at first but when I requested a new kit, I was denied. Instead they sent me replacement items which, you guessed it- didn’t work either! V2 is such a highly recommended company, one would think they would put out a working product with their sister company. I hope my 30 days isn’t up because I will be calling to return everything tomorrow! So much for quitting smoking in the NEW YEAR….Love the slim and pretty E-cig but It’s not worth a damn if it doesn’t work!

  7. no image
    cindy schultz

    They look great and wished they would work. These are way too weak and good luck getting one drag.

  8. no image

    Hello all,
    If you have cartridges that can not be returned from VC, the 777e-cig Ladies series batteries work on the VC cartridges. The 777 batteries are holding up just fine as well. Very happy with 777!

  9. no image

    Taste great. Look cute. Awful quality.

    I’m now on my 3rd set of replacement batteries, and my second charger. The new replacement batteries came quickly, with good customer service, but straight out of the box the batteries will not charge. I’m past my 30days for a refund, so I just keep hoping the next set of replacement batteries will finally work properly and i can at least smoke the cartridges I have already purchased. I’m moving on to a different brand- don’t waste your money on this product even though it looks and tastes fantastic. Not worth all of this hassle.

  10. no image

    Don't waste your money or time

    I have had them send me 5 replacements for my 2 original batteries and none have worked. Now I have 5 boxes of cartridges that I can’t use and I can’t return. Does anyone know of a compatible battery?

  11. no image

    Poor Customer Service

    I recently quit smoking but have been feeling myself craving cigarettes more and more recently. Because of this, I decided to look into e-cigarettes. I was excited when I discovered Vapor Couture, but I wanted to make sure that I did my homework on the product before I forked out that much money. After reading and watching reviews online, I finally made a purchase. I purchased 1 Entree Kit in rose gold Passion Fruit (which comes with 1 battery, 1 USB charger, 1 disposable e-cigarette, and 6 flavor cartridges) and 1 pack of Strawberry Champagne rose gold cartridges. I used their free shipping with that order and it was shipped on a Tuesday morning and arrived the following Saturday. So that’s free standard shipping and it took 5 days, which is typical. I was so excited to finally try VC and was very, very disappointed when I opened my package and only found 1 pack of rose gold Strawberry Champagne cartridges and 1 pack of rose gold Passion Fruit cartridges. I immediately called the Customer Service number listed on the web site and spoke with a representative. Now, the customer service rep did apologize several times and I was put on hold twice for about 7 minutes each time so that he could “find my account.” Does it really take that long? When he came back on the line, he apologized for the wait and stated that he had put in a new order for a complete Entree Kit to be shipped to me. Unfortunately, this would have to happen on Monday. I asked if there was any way that they could upgrade my shipping so that I could receive it faster and he told me no. Now that is what really bothers me. So I would have to wait for 5 more days to receive my correct order. Well, today is Monday and I did not receive an email telling me that my new order had shipped. I went to the VC website and used their online Customer Service Chat feature, which I think is pretty cool. I explained to the rep via the chat window about my problem and that I just wanted to verify that my new order had been shipped. It took him about 7 to 10 minutes (I wasn’t timing him) and he finally tells me that there had been a “problem with the system” and my order had not gone through. So now I’m getting pretty annoyed. The rep then says that he has put in a new instruction to send me the order and that I should be getting an email within the next 24 hours telling me that it has shipped and that if the email doesn’t come that I am to contact them right away. (Duh, like I wouldn’t.) He even tells me that he has put my order on “Priority” shipping. I ask how long it will take to arrive and he says 5 to 7 days. So basically it will take the same amount of time as the free shipping option. Where is the “priority?” I explain that this is the second time that the company had made a mistake with my order and I asked if they could ship my order using either the 3 Day or overnight shipping option. Again, I am told that they will not upgrade my shipping. So now I’m pissed. I then ask the rep if he could verify exactly what was being sent so that there wouldn’t be a third error with my order. He tells me that a rose gold Passion Fruit “Express Kit” and 1 rose gold Passion Fruit disposable e-cig. I ask him if a “Express Kit” is the same thing as a “Entree Kit” and he replies “It’s what you ordered.” To me, this sounds like a very snotty reply, which is saying something seeing as how this is via web chat and not by voice. But no, I did not order a “Express Kit”…..I ordered an “Entree Kit.” The site doesn’t even have an “Express Kit!” And a disposable e-cig comes with the Entree Kit….so does that mean that I am getting an extra one for free? I’m confused. If I am getting a second one, then cool. But overall this shows me that 1) VC will not upgrade your shipping even when they make a mistake with your order….twice, 2) their Customer Service representatives are rude, and 3) their Customer Service Representatives do not have a decent knowledge of the product that Vapor Couture is selling. The representative was very quick to end the chat session, which closed out the chat window. So now there is no way for me to show that he was rude and no way to show that I was told that my new order would be shipped. Nice way to cover your tracks, Customer Service. 24 Hours have not passed yet, so I am still waiting to receive the email saying that my *hopefully* corrected order has shipped. I’ll be sure to update this site when either my order arrives and I finally get to try VC’s product or the company makes another mistake and I have round 3 with their so called “Customer Service Department.” But I got to say, thus far I am not impressed and after reading so many reviews I really expected more from Vapor Couture and it’s parent company, V2 Cigs.

  12. no image

    I love the vapor production and flavors, but unfortunately I’m having the same problem as a couple of the other gals here. Something must be going horribly wrong with VC’s battery production in recent months. I’ve purchased two kits: a Deluxe Kit to start and then an Essentials kit to get 2 more batteries and a second charger, as well as more carts. Less than a week after I received the first kit, one of my original batteries flaked out on me and stopped taking a charge. I called and customer service was great about offering an immediate replacement to be shipped out via priority mail. Because I was so happy with the overall product and I assumed this bad battery was a one time glitch, I ordered the Essentials kit in that same phone call. I haven’t received my replacment battery yet (been 4 business days) but got the Essentials kit today. When I (very excitedly) went to charge the two new batteries, I was shocked and disappointed because BOTH of them were defective, right out of the box. They did the same thing my previously broken battery from my first kit did… the charger just flashes back and forth between blue, pink and red, the LED tips flash on and off the whole time and the batteries don’t charge a single bit. So, I called customer service right away and they again apologized and this time the rep told me that the batteries could be a bit delicate and could be easily damaged in shipping, but they would be send me two replacements, again via priority mail. If these and the previous replacements don’t work (if I ever receive them, that is) I am sad to say that I’m done with VC (V2 Cigs in general, actually) and shipping it all back for a full refund. (it hasn’t been 30 days since even my first purchase, so I sincerely hope they’ll do right by me and honor their money back guarantee for both kits) I so wish this wasn’t happening, because I really like the products and the customer service staff is excellent. BUT what good are great tasting carts that have excellent vapor, if the batteries you need to use them with don’t work? I hope V2/VC does something about this obvious problem. It could ruin what seems to currently be an excellent reputation.

  13. no image
    Julie Burdyshaw

    Customer service here is GREAT ! Any problem I’ve had with any of their products, they have happily replaced for free. I have 2 batteries so I can still smoke while the other is charging. I’m a menthol smoker for 40 years, and I love not smoking real cigs. and love their menthol flavor.

  14. no image

    I really liked the flavor, but the batteries stopped charging within a few days. I called for replacements, but they didn’t come. Called again today and they said they would express deliver them. I love the look, and the customer service has been fine, but if these batteries don’t work either, I will be returning everything for a refund.

  15. no image
    S C

    I placed order and have had nothing but defective batteries, chargers and faulty cartridges. I’ve spent more time waiting for products to arrive than I have been able to use the product. I am very disappointed in this product, the design & concept is good, but the main components are very defective. I think it needs to go back to the table for review as to why it continues to fail.

  16. no image

    I finally received my second batch of batteries and guess what? They don’t work either! Hopefully they won’t give me as hard a time as they did when I wanted them to replace the batteries I received with my order. This time I am sending the entire kit back. VP has terrible customer service and terrible product. If they don’t refund my money I will leave bad reviews on every single site I can.

  17. no image


  18. no image

    Love the look and taste

    Lots of trouble with some cartridges not working at all and battery life short plus chargers not working.

  19. no image
    NY Gal

    Great product, little more flavors would be nice. I had a issue with my first shipment of cartridges but the folks at vapor couture took care of it for me in a timely manner. Thanks!

  20. no image
    Allee S.

    Just got my first kit from vapor couture. The design looks really flashy but I guess it’s kind of attractive in a way, even my hubby likes it. I ordered the deluxe kit so it comes with a lot of accessories and cartomizers. I really like the slim design battery. I would give the smoke volume a 8 out of 10 and flavors a 7 out of 10. The design is the best part and I think they deserve a 9 out of 10. Do they have a disposable series? Would be nice to try those too.

  21. no image

    Vapor Couture sells defective products and refuses to refund or replace.

    I ordered 40 cartridges from Vapor Couture, and when they arrived, most of them didn’t work. The cartridges come in foil and plastic sealed packages of 5. When I opened the package, only 2 of the cartridges worked. I called the company, and the customer service representative informed me that the batch was corrupted and said she would rush ship me a replacement.

    When the replacement order came, it was from the same batch. I opened it, and sure enough the cartridges didn’t work. So I called the company again and was assured they would rush ship me a replacement. I waited for a week and a half, and nothing arrived in the mail. So I called again.

    This time I was told that they could replace the order, but it would be from the same batch and that would be the last time they would be willing to replace the order. I didn’t want to have the order replaced from the same defective batch, so I asked for a refund and they refused suggesting I change the order to a different flavor that might come from a different batch.

    Vapor Couture delivered a defective product to me, refused to replace the product with a product that worked, and refused to refund me for the order.

  22. no image

    The ads seem a bit cheesy but any woman with the slightest sense of style would find these e cigarette to be appealing. I read a lot of reviews before deciding to purchase these as my first e fig kit and I’m pretty excited. The only consistent gripe is a lack of flavor variety but ice smoked the same flavor of real çigs for years so it’s not a major concern of mine. Just ready to say goodbye to traditional cigarettes forever and the fun appearance should make the switch more enjoyable :)

  23. no image
    Patricia B

    I started using vapor couture in Oct of last year and i’ve been happy with my experience so far. I haven’t touched a single cigarette since and I even started exercising more because I feel i’m living a healthier life. Bottomline: good product, worth the investment.

  24. no image

    Vapor Couture is my favorite brand. Really like the fresh mint flavor. Vapor production is decent. It doesn’t compare to V2 Cigs but I think there is good reasons for that. It definitely helps me kick the butt so no complaints for me.

  25. no image

    I enjoy using Vapor Couture products. The only down side though is the lack of flavor options. I’ve been waiting for the Strawberry Champagne and Arctic Mint to be released forever. It seems like they’re never going to quiet make it.

  26. no image
    Rose Marrine

    My husband ordered a kit for my birthday. Since I have been wanting to quit cigarettes for a while, this seemed like a good opportunity. So I started using them. To my surprise, they’re actually great. I was really skeptical at first, but now after using them for a few weeks I’m starting to hate cigarettes. Now, I’m smoking only one cigarette/day along with my Vapor Couture. I’m hoping that I can eliminate cigarettes at once. Fingers crossed.

  27. no image

    little on the expensive side but I value my health more than anything. So a few dollars spent on a nice e-cigarette is worth it to me.

  28. no image
    Ramona C. Frye

    I was expecting a great product and that’s just what exactly I got. They came out in one day sooner than the earliest expected distribution time, so that’s constantly a bonus. Quite stylish and fun!

  29. no image

    I’m all about customizing my personal belongings to my taste. So to be able to customize my e-cig is the second best thing I could ask for (first would a be nice car, lol). They have done a terrific job at packaging and designing the e-cigs. I love the “Deep Purple” and “Signature” designs.

    The only downfall is that they only offer 4 falvors. We need more!!!!!

  30. no image

    This the first vapor couture review I’ve read on the web so far but based on this review and the stuff on their site, I gotta say that I’m excited to give them a try. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


  31. no image

    I agree, Vapor Couture is not the most cost friendly ecig out there, but I love their design. I recently bought a kit for my sister and she loves it so I started using it for myself as well. So far, it’s really good :)

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