Premium Vapes Review

By Dave S. Posted January 6, 2013

Premium Vapes initially seems like a fairly generic brand, but the ecig does have good vapor production, a huge selection of flavors and a wide range of nicotine levels. The battery life holds the brand back a little though.

Premium Electronic Cigarette Product
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  • Thick and abundant vapor
  • Cool battery designs
  • Unique cartomizer skins
  • 20 flavor options
  • Strong, robust flavors


  • Some flavors may be too strong for new vapers
  • Battery life and responsiveness needs improvement

Bottom Line

Premium Vapes offers 20 flavor options, five nicotine levels (including 24mg) and excellent vapor production for a reasonable price. It’s a very good e-cig overall, but the battery life does let it down. It might not have the might of Green Smoke or V2, but it’s definitely a viable option.

Premium Vapes Review: Editor's Opinion

Note: Premium Ecigarettes has re-branded into an online vape store. The original Premium Vapes starter kits reviewed here seem to be discontinued. To find comparable starter kits, read the latest e-cig reviews on leading starter kits, vape mods, e-liquids, and other vape stores.


Premium Vapes has been around since 2008, and has built up a firm reputation as one of the market leading producers of e-cigarettes. Their PR110 Starter Kit is their most popular product because it has everything a smoker needs to make the change, including two batteries, USB charger, wall adapter and five cartomizers. With a strong product, ample flavor options and potential for customization, Premium Vapes could have produced a landmark product, but you can’t make your decision based on reputation alone.


Packaging and Design


The Starter Kit comes in a jewelry box-sized container, with a similarly sleek felt-lined interior. In the upper, foam-protected layer you’ll find one e-cig battery and a packet of cartomizers, with another battery and the charging components in the lower section. The box is fairly minimalistic in design, with a black and silver color scheme throughout. It may not be particularly eye-catching, but it oozes confidence and screams quality.


Premium Vapes Starter Kit


Premium Vapes use a two-piece design, so the combined atomizer and cartridge screws directly into the battery. There are four slim openings in the silver band separating the two components when it’s assembled, creating a cigarette-like inhalation sound without any wheezing or whistling. The LED tip lights up a pale red as you inhale, mimicking the smoking experience accurately. Premium Vapes has really set itself aside with the options for battery design, with 14 color options ranging from plain white and black through to purple, platinum and more outlandish designs such as green camouflage and brown marble.


Nicotine Levels


You get the choice between five nicotine levels for Premium Vapes’ cartridges, 0mg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg and 24mg. This gives those who want to try to cut down their nicotine intake plenty of options, including the useful nicotine-free option so you can simulate the smoking experience without any addictive chemicals. On the other side, the heaviest smokers have a strong option to ensure that their nicotine needs are met without overworking the battery. Realistically, though, the 16mg cartridges are likely to be enough for the majority of smokers.


Flavors and Vapor


You’ll be more than happy with the amount of vapor you get from the Premium Vapes e-cig. It’s genuinely comparable to the level you’d expect from a tobacco cigarette, and you get a decent throat-hit along with it. Although you’re advised to prime the atomizer with a couple of introductory puffs, it isn’t necessary for a satisfying amount of vapor with the Premium electronic cigarette product. You get an authentic smoking experience without the tar and off-putting odors.


The e-liquid flavor range provided by Premium Electronic Cigarette is extensive, to say the least. They have a massive 20 flavor options in total, with everything from their signature tobacco blend to cherry, pineapple, vanilla, pear clove and cola. The taste is consistently robust, and although this may be too much for some vapers, it makes for some fantastic options. The coffee is great, boasting a hint of chocolate but still maintaining the underlying punch you expect, like sipping mocha. The tobacco flavor is a strong attempt, but it misses the mark slightly as the vast majority of companies do. However, adjusting to the difference is easy, and you’ll barely notice it by the time you come to the end of your first cartridge.




A charge of either of the included batteries will give you around 200 to 250 puffs. This may fall short of the market-leading batteries, but you’ll have plenty of power to get you through an average day of vaping. The two you receive are the same size, so there aren’t long and short options like some manufacturers offer. When you need to charge a battery (it flashes red to let you know the power is low), simply screw it into the USB charger, plug it in and wait for the LED light to change from red to green. It often does some disco-style flickering between the two before switching to solid green, but it charges pretty quickly so the period of uncertainty is more than made up for.



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Premium Vapes is a solid offering, combining significant vapor production with a robust and diverse selection of flavors and some cool battery designs. The throat-hit and nicotine levels will please even the heavier smokers, so it’s more than adequate for those first switching to vaping. The Starter Kit and replacement cartomizers are affordable, so it’s particularly worthy of consideration for anybody on a budget.

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