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Njoy King Free Sample

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About NJOY


Njoy is one of the most widely-known e-cig companies thanks to their high-profile marketing efforts and unique, extraordinarily cigarette-like appearance. However Njoy, unlike other companies such as Green Smoke e-cigarettes, is not a traditional electronic cigarette company because their main focus is on disposables – the Njoy Kings. The main problem with this is that because of the discontinuation of the rechargeable options, it’s hard for full time vapers to use Njoy Kings without spending about as much as they would on tobacco cigarettes. The disposables are around $9 each, and will need to be replaced with around a day of average use. It’s one of the oldest e-cig manufacturers around, though, having being established in Arizona in 2006, and they’ve got a solid reputation backing them up. Read the latest Njoy King reviews.


The Njoy King breaks new ground when it comes to looking and feeling like a cigarette. The butt part of the disposable is squishy, and the long battery section has a surprisingly realistic paper-feel. The flavor selection is extremely limited, with just Menthol and Tobacco options available, and there are also only two nicotine levels. These do pack a punch, though, with 4.5 percent and 3 percent options available, making a very satisfying replacement for a heavy smoker. Whilst this is good for some, people not accustomed to the high nicotine levels or anybody hoping to reduce their intake might not find it so appealing.


Aside from the issues with price – and therefore the potential for full-time vapers – the Njoy King is an extremely impressive e-cig. The disposables could do with a longer lifespan, but the authentic flavor and astounding design are very commendable. However, if you want to save the maximum amount of money when you’re making the switch, it’s much better to find a good rechargeable. The Njoy King is great for a casual vape or something to enjoy on a night out, though. Check out the Njoy electronic cigarette reviews to find out the pros and cons of Njoy ecigs. White Cloud Cigarettes Fling disposables are also a great option to consider, as they offer one of the longest lasting batteries and puff count in the disposable e-cig market.


How To Use Your Njoy Coupon


1. Visit www.njoy.com.

2. From the top navigation menu, select “DISCOVER”.

3.  Choose a product from the menu on the left.

4. Choose a flavor and nicotine strength.

5. Click “Add to Cart” and apply your Njoy coupon at checkout.